Customising MSICheck

By default, the downloadable package uses an Infopath template that' published on this web site.  I discovered that it was easier for others to see what was possible by providing an out-of-the-box solution that would pretty much work if internet connectivity was available than provide a tonne of documentation into amending scripts to work in an isolated infrastructure.

Infopath is easily customisable but you must be able to amend the template (Located here:

 The path to the xml template is written in the 00_Execution script... its currently pointing to a web url but can be re-pointed to be on a shared drive location as below:
Once you edit the template & publish it to a new location you'll probably break the scripts from working.  That's because all of the fields in the published template must match properly with the xml file written by the scripts.  Almost everything is written under the "99_XML_Output.vbs" file.
A way to check that your XML is being written correctly is to open your newly published QAResults.xsn with 7Zip and extract the template.xml file from within.
The template should contain the same XML structure and fields that are generated by the MSICheck scripts. 


Adding or Removing checks

00_Template.vbs is a blank template that may be ued for adding a new checking item.  Copy the template and change the name to be descriptive of the test.

Within the test vbs file, the Name, ScriptPurpose, ScriptName and ScriptResult fields are what are reported bck to the Infopath output.   

Three ScriptResult types are catered for - "Pass" Fail" and "Info".  Colour coding on the Infopath form will reflect these results.

The other scripts can be used as examples for querying the MSI database with SQL.