Download MSI Edit Scripts

The MSI Editing scripts are modular and work on a basic template.  Every script in the folder will be run in order to produce either a Transform, a new MSI (or to edit an existing Windows Installer File).

The points to note are:

  1. Because this “utility” is a set of scripts – the Windows Security policy on a workstation can prevent the scripts from being run.  This will be seen as an apparent hang after the Create button has been pushed.  If this happens, manually run the Edit.msi VBScript and when prompted, hit the “allow scripts to run” prompt for each of the scripts – this should only be needed to be done once.
  2. The scripts expect the MSI file to be in a folder that represents the name of the project – the containing folder name will be used as the Product name for the created MSI and Transforms.

The scripts work by creating a local copy of a package then running each script against it.  At the end of the process the created package is compared to the first to create a finished product.