Based on same structure as the MSI-Edit scripts (also available from the menu on the left), this set of scripts automates the checking of Windows Installer packages and produces an Infopath based XML report.  

The Windows Installer (MSI) checking is modular and allows technical staff members the ability to create their own checks relatively easily.

When problems are discovered within a package, the infopath form allows staff members to record justifications for the errors recorded.  This also allows a permanaent record to be recorded of the Quality Control checks performed against an application package.


... or specifically with error checking: eg.

An image (non-editable) display of my standard report is available for download here:  Example QA.oxps

A copy of an actual Infopath otput is downloadable here.

There are a lot of advantages for using XML and infopath for checking software packages.  The results may be audited and automated.  Colour can be used to highlight problems and data can be passed between systems easily.

Customising MSI Check

Download MSI Checking scripts