MSIEdit is a set of modular VB scripts that I used to use for quickly editing Windows Installer packages.


 The MSIEdit Launcher is used to select the Windows Installer (MSI) file that requires a transform.  

All of the scripts within the directory are called to correct issues with the MSI.

Note: The scripts expect the original MSI to be in a writeable directory with the actual package name.  The Transform will be given the same name as the directory / package and the ARP (Add Remove Programs) entry will be amended to also match the same name via the ProductName field.

Fixes can be added or removed by leaving them in the root MSIEdit directory

Extract the referenced zip file and create a shortcut to MSIEditLauncher.exe


   Note - this utility expectes the directory containing the MSI to be named the same as the desired package name.  It also expects the directory to be writeable.

Three options are available with MSI Edit.  The utility can crate a new transform, edit an existing transform or edit an existing MSI package.  

  • If a "New Transform" is selected, the result will be a transform with the same name as the containing directory as the parent directory is expected to be named in the package name format.  eg. Packagename.mst
  • If "Edit Transform" is selected, the details of the selected transform will be combined with the output of the scripts to create a new transform whih will be written to the containing package directory.  The produced transform will have the same name as the parent directory. 
  • If "Edit MSI" is selected, the MSI itself will be directly altered by the scripts - the resulting MSI will not be renamed.

Download MSI Editing scripts: