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Creating SCCM Computer objects by script

The example Powershell script creates a computer / device object in SCCM 2012.  

TIP: "OEM" Copy Replacement with MDT

For many years the “OEM” folder has been a method for copying files to the local hard drive of a machine while it was being built.

The idea was simply that anything in a particular folder would be copied to a specific drive during the Windows installation process.

The $OEM$ folder method is no longer available to modern Windows deployments.  The next best thing is a replacement process using MDT.

Creating .LNK Shortcuts to Modern Windows 8 Applications

Modern UI (Windows 8) applications differ fundamentally from widows explorer initiated applications prior to the Start Screen because we are initiating the “shell” of explorer with a shortcut instead of directly calling an executable.

Darebin Council Graffiti Management Strategy 2014 - 2018

A public reply to the proposed Darebin strategy paper.

The Darebin City has, after a year of deliberations, released its long awaited draft strategy for dealing with the graffiti epidemic that has been so prevalent on our streets.   The window given for public comment has been short, especially considering the period of time that has been taken for this strategy to formulate.  A copy of the document may be found at the council website:

Listing SCCM 2012 R2 Applications with Orchestrator

As Orchestrator is guaranteed to grow in importance for most Microsoft based organisations, the need to query the Configuration Manager database becomes more important as well. 

Windows 8.1 Blue Screen on VMWare ESX 4.X

Attempts to build Windows 8.1 Update 1 on a VMWare ESX host produces the error “Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and now it needs to restart.” HAL INITIALIZATION FAILED.

Changing Internet Explorer 11 Default Search to Google

A common frustration with restricted staff members is the default behaviour of Internet Explorer to use Bing instead of Google. 

Google held over 88% of the search engine market share in January 2014 which is no doubt, a reason why Microsoft have traditionally make it difficult to change the IE default search provider from Bing.

Repackaging Windows Store Applications

On a recent project I worked within, Windows 8.1 workstations required the ability to install a freeware Store application although the network restrictions limited access to the internet.  

SCCM Desired Configuration – Missing Content Error

The importing of CAB files that were created by the Microsoft Security Compliance Manager as SCCM’s Desired Configuration Management Items can fail with the non-descript error “The cab file references missing content or contains a circular reference”.

Segmenting SCCM with Security Scopes

A single SCCM 2012 R2 system may be segmented for use by different teams by creating security scopes.  This is extremely useful for delegating full rights to project and test teams without risking the deployment of development artefacts to production environments.


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